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Graduation (working title)
Isn’t your senior year in high school supposed to be fun—the best year of your life, even?
That’s not the case for Sandy Evans and Jimmie Bennett, best friends and cousins. The loss of Jimmie’s mother is too fresh. And while Sandy’s mother has been dead for six years, Sandy’s senior year just emphasizes the fact that her mother is gone.
But dealing with their grief has to take a backseat when they discover a new guy in school is tormenting a fellow classmate. To make matters worse, Sandy and Jimmie discover that any action they take with this new senior could have serious repercussions for Jimmie’s dad.
Neither Jimmie nor Sandy are willing to ignore this situation but are they prepared for the consequences of their actions?

Bella (Book 1) [working title]
Being an Army wife is both challenging and rewarding.
Thirty-one-year-old Bella Fairchild knew when she married Lawrence, he was a career Army soldier. The toughest part of their marriage, for Bella, is when he is sent to Vietnam.
She is determined to stand strong and support him no matter what.

The Summer of New Beginnings (working title)
The summer of 1974 is full of new experiences for eighteen-year-old Sandy Evans.
First, she and her boyfriend Mark Anderson start summer school at the University of Louisville.
Next, her brother Gary moves next door and brings a huge surprise with him.
Finally, her best friend and cousin, Jimmie, returns from boot camp. He is devastatingly handsome in his Coast Guard uniform. As good as it is to have him home, she knows he is leaving soon for his first assignment.
While Sandy feels life couldn’t get any better, she knows this special summer is temporary. Life moves forward and things change.
Is she ready to face the adventures in store for her? Can she learn to embrace each day and not allow worry to steal her joy?