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Graduation (working title) 

Seventeen-year-old Sandy Evans’s senior year starts with a bang. Her brother Gary moves in next door and brings a surprise with him.
Having her brother close by and seeing her best friend, cousin Jimmie Bennett, in school every day makes Sandy wonder, can life get any better?
To her surprise, it does!
Her long-distance romance with Mark Anderson continues to grow and in less than a year, he will be back in Kentucky to attend college with her.
The only problem is, when Mark arrives, Jimmie leaves for boot camp. And it sounds like Gary could be reassigned to another base at any time.
Can Sandy embrace the joy of today while keeping tomorrow’s sorrows at bay?

Summer of New Beginnings (working title) 

The summer of 1974 brings one change after another to eighteen-year-old Sandy Evans.
First, she graduates from high school.
Second, she says goodbye to her cousin and best friend, Jimmie Bennet as he heads off to the Coast Guard boot camp.
Next, she welcomes Mark Anderson back to Kentucky.
Then, she starts classes at the University of Louisville with Mark.
How will Sandy handle not having Jimmie to confide in? Will she and Mark’s relationship blossom into a full blown romance?
Will college be everything she hopes it will be?
Is Sandy ready to face the new adventures life brings her?