Finding Her Way

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From the Frying Pan into the Fire

Roberta Michaels has never given any thought to life after high school. Her mother has convinced her that she is barely smart enough to even graduate.
As she listens to Jimmie Bennett talk about joining the Coast Guard, Roberta begins to dream about enlisting too. Deciding to enlist requires all her courage, and while she has no idea what to expect at boot camp, she is certain nothing could be as bad as her home life used to be . . .
But will the next eight weeks prove her wrong?

Class of 74

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His Senior Year Wasn’t Supposed to be Like This

Jimmie Bennett always thought his last year in high school would be fun—possibly even the best year of his life. But the death of his mother is too fresh, and only with his cousin and best friend Sandy’s help has he been able to survive the previous year.
As Jimmie muddles through each day, he suddenly discovers that a fellow student is in trouble. Neither he nor Sandy can ignore what’s happening, but what can they do? Why is Roberta being targeted? Even Roberta doesn’t know, and if they can’t figure that out, how can they stop the growing hostility?

The Summer In Between
Fresh, New Look

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Is Sandy Ready for the Hard Questions Life Brings?

Seventeen-year-old Sandy Evans has scheduled her whole summer to babysit the Gordon’s two children, but unexpectedly the Gordons move to Austria, leaving her unemployed. With her closest friend and cousin, Jimmie, in Washington; Sandy faces a long, lonely summer.
Just when she’s ready to run away and join Jimmie, her old friend Mrs. H. asks for her help. Sandy agrees, grateful for the chance to escape the suffocating, empty days at home. But things aren’t as simple as they first appear.
Now Sandy is on the most challenging journey any seventeen-year-old can experience. How could a simple yes change the course of her life?

Bicycle Summer
Fresh, New Look

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Can Nancy trust her heart or will it betray her?

Seventeen-year-old Nancy Anderson is thrilled to leave Edmonds, Washington, for the summer. She is interning in the art department at the University of Georgia. But the other interns are less than friendly, and Nancy wonders if she has simply traded one bad situation for another. Before she can decide whether to leave Georgia or stay, her world turns upside down.
Nancy wasn’t ready for a serious relationship, but she never expected to meet Hans Leitner. Will she listen to her heart? And if she does, is she ready for where it takes her?

Puget Sound Summer
Fresh, New Look

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Can Jimmie Forgive God For Saying No?

Seventeen-year-old Jimmie Bennett is leaving Kentucky for the first time in his life. He looks forward to spending the summer in Edmonds, Washington, with his soon-to-be girlfriend (if all goes according to plan), Nancy Anderson and her twin brother, Mark.
But Jimmie is also running away from the heartbreaking grief of his mother’s death and his anger at God. Then things don’t go quite the way he had hoped.
Can Jimmie find peace and comfort in a new place, or will he have to face his past before he can learn to live again?

Seasons of Change

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If The Answer Is No, Can Sandy Stand Strong In Her Faith?

Sixteen-year-old Sandy Evans is entering her junior year in high school. She should be excited about growing up but finds herself struggling. Her best friend Nancy moved far away and Sandy realizes making new friends isn’t as easy as she would have liked.
Sandy’s favorite aunt catches a summer virus but can’t seem to improve. Then the unthinkable happens. When her aunt is diagnosed with cancer, Sandy desperately clings to hope as she tries to control her fear. But in the early 1970s, cancer is one of the most frightening words to hear—the survival rate is horrible.
Will Sandy face another loss? She knows God can heal her aunt but will He? And if He doesn’t, could Sandy lose more than her aunt?

Sweet Sixteen

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Is Sixteen Really as Sweet as It’s Said to Be?

Fifteen-year-old Sandy Evans has learned to deal with the challenges life has presented and is excited about starting her sophomore year in high school. But she’s even more excited about turning sixteen on her next birthday.
When Sandy’s cousin Jimmie Bennett gets involved with Nancy Anderson, Sandy finds herself dealing with Nancy’s twin Mark who is a bitter, angry teen. And then things become complicated.
Now with Jimmie and Mark speeding toward an eruption that only Sandy sees coming, she has to put aside her concerns and try to defuse the situation, but she is committed to stand by Jimmie’s side no matter what happens.

Almost April

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Can Sandy Find Hope in the Face of Tragedy?

Sandy Evans is a twelve-year-old sixth grader whose divorced mother is killed in a car wreck. The death of her mother results in Sandy living with her dad while her half-brother Gary goes to live with their mother’s sister.
Just when Sandy thinks things have gotten as bad as they can get, Gladys Hart, a bitter old woman, moves next door. The sixty-four-year old Gladys doesn’t bother to hide her annoyance with life and with Sandy.
Now, with the help of her dad and her favorite uncle, Sandy must find her way through the first year of agonizing loss and learn how to deal with her neighbor.